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By | December 10, 2018

The Most Quotable 1980 Movies

After a hectic day, one of the ways in which you can relax is by watching a movie. Movies have been in production for a very long time, and therefore you will find movies that were released recently, and others were released a long time ago. Some of the most memorable movies that you will find are of the 1980 movies. There are several 1980 movies that have amazing quotes that you will find easy to remember. By reading this article, you will learn more about some of the best quotable 1980 movies.

One of the top quotable 1980 movies is known as The Goonies. The Goonies was released in 1985 and is regarded as one of the best adventure comedy films. The director of The Goonies movie is known as Richard Donner, and after it was released, the movie was distributed by the Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. After you have watched The Goonies movie, you will identify numerous quotes from the cast. One of the top quotes in The Goonies is by Chunk who said that “I am not all alone in the dark. I like the dark. I love the dark.” Another top quote that you will find in The Goonies is “Goonies never say die” that was said by Mikey. Another top quote within The Goonies movie is by Brandon Walsh which is “this is the *men’s* room.

Aliens is the other most quotable 1980 movie that you will come across. One of the top science fiction horror 1980 movies is known as Aliens which was directed by James Cameron and distributed by the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. It is important to note that the Aliens film was first released in July 1986. The first memorable quote from the Aliens movie is by Burke who said that “maybe we can build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh? Why don’t we try that?” In the Aliens movie, you’ll also come across another memorable quote by Ripley that says “well, somebody’s gonna have to go out there. Take a portable terminal, go out there and patch in manually.” Another memorable quote that you will find in the Aliens movie is by Newt was quoted to say, “We’d better get back, ’cause it will be dark soon, and they mostly come at night.”

The above quotes are only some of the few memorable quotes that you will find in the selected 1980 movies. When you watch the 1980 movies, you’ll find other top quotes. If you want to find out more top quotable 1980 movies, ensure that you click here.

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