How Debt Management Plans Help Consumers Regain Control of Their Finances

By | December 25, 2018

Many consumers are so anxious about the amount of debt they have that they never even total up the numbers. They keep their heads in the sand with the illusion that somehow the problem will fix itself. When looking at debt details becomes terrifying, it’s past time to take action. Debt consolidation companies help their clients create plans that will gradually eliminate the obligations through affordable payments.

Learning About Debt Management Plans

A debt management plan is different than a consolidation loan. Not everyone qualifies for a consolidation loan because so many men and women have credit scores that are too low. The plans, also known as DMPs, are available online from a variety of organizations. It’s essential for consumers to do some research on these companies so they only deal with those that are reputable.

Companies offering DMPs do not lend money. Instead, they may negotiate with creditors to reduce the total amount owed so the client is able to pay the remaining balance and not default completely. They may negotiate to modify terms of minimum payments, thus reducing those minimums so the client can manage all monthly obligations.

Credit Accounts Must Be Closed

One advantage of the DMP that may feel like a disadvantage to the consumer is that all credit accounts must be closed until the program is completed. Someone who has been relying on credit to a large extent may feel worried about not having at least one account for emergency purposes. A problem with consolidation loans is that some individuals immediately begin running up their credit cards again since those accounts now have zero balances. That’s not possible with a DMP.

Credit Score Impact

Another advantage is that the credit score should start improving relatively quickly because the person is no longer making late payments. With all payments made on time, the credit rating keeps moving up. When the plan is completed, many credit issuers are ready to approve applications from the person even if the company was one represented in the DMP. Of course, it’s crucial not to let this problem occur again when credit is available.

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